diy kid’s valentines


Now that February is a mere 24 hours away, our kids are just itching to get started on their classroom Valentine’s cards. They love handing out their Valentine’s to friends, and get especially excited about the little party favor attached to each one. Our kids like to use anything from fun toys like silly straws, mini paint sets and bubbles to colorful lollipops. This year we found these lip whistles and we just knew they would make the perfect Valentine, and with our printable lip whistle template they are a cinch for anyone to make!


  • Lip Whistles (we found ours at Party City, but you can also find them on Amazon)
  • White card stock
  • Scissors
  • Glue Dots


Start by printing our lip whistle Valentine template onto white card stock. Then cut out each card along the dotted line.


Let you or your child write their names on the bottom line next to the heart.


Secure a lip whistle to each card using a glue dot, and voila! Your classroom Valentine’s are ready to go! For more printable class Valentine templates and ideas feel free to check out our posts from last year and the year before.


Ashley + Hallman

will you be my valentine?

lollipop valentine 1

We get so excited when Valentine’s Day draws near, not just for the fun crafts, sweet treats or decorations….but because of the valentines! Valentine’s Day was always our favorite holiday to celebrate at school when we were kids. We remember making valentines for our class, exchanging valentines at school and bringing them home in our decorated paper bag or shoe box. It’s no surprise that our kids love the holiday just as much as we do, and they can’t wait to help with their own valentines this year.

Our sugar-free DIY valentines were a hit with our kids’ friends last year.  We don’t even think they noticed that there was no candy involved! This year we came up with two sugar-free ideas and one that would work with any type of candy. For each of these ideas we have included a printable template for each card to make it as simple as possible!

Mini Game Valentines

pinball valentine1

We love the idea of giving out mini games on our valentines because it’s something that boys and girls love. We found our mini pinball games in the party favor section at Walmart, but you can also find similar pinball games at Party City and on Amazon. We designed the card for this valentine so that you could attach any game to it. Some other cute options are this mini candy maze or these colorful mini mazes. To make the card, print out our pinball game template onto white card stock, cut out each card, and  attach a game with a glue dot.

Lollipop Valentine

lollipop valentine 5

Our lollipop valentine looks adorable with a rainbow spiral lollipop, but the beauty of this card is that it goes with anything sweet! Any type of lollipop would look fabulous, but our favorites are the YumEarth Organic lollipops. You could also tie the card to an old fashioned candy stick or even a few pixie sticks. To make the card, print our lollipop valentine template onto white card stock and cut out each card. Then punch a hole over the “x” and using string or ribbon attach the card to the candy.

Bubble Valentines

bubbles valentine 1

Every kid loves bubbles so this one was a no-brainer! We found our bubbles in the party favor section at Walmart, but you can also find them at Party City and Target. If you can’t find the mini bubble wands, you could substitute the bubbles with a stick of gum or a fun colored balloon! To make our bubble valentines start by printing the bubble valentine template onto white card stock. Then cut out each card and attach the bubbles to the card using a few glue dots.

Happy making!


Ashley + Hallman

diy kid’s valentines

Our kids are so excited for Valentine’s Day and admittedly, so are we! Valentine’s Day is such a fun celebration and our kids can’t wait to exchange Valentines with their friends. Valentine’s Day can also mean that our kids get a fairly big dose of sugar, so to help mitigate their sugar intake we decided to come up with some “sugar free” Valentines. Or in other words, Valentines with no candy. We wanted to make sure that our Valentines were gender neutral, included a fun little favor and were super simple to make. Using our printable templates, you can easily make these with your kids too. Just print the templates onto white card stock, cut them out and voila…you have homemade Valentines!

Watercolor Valentine:


Using glue dots we attached these adorable mini watercolor sets to our water color valentines. We found  our mini watercolor sets in the party favor section at Party City, but they are available on Amazon as well.

Glow Bracelet Valentine:


Kids love glow bracelets! Given the choice, they would wear them all day, every day. Fortunately, they are very inexpensive so they make the perfect favor. We punched two holes in our glow stick valentine cards and threaded a glow bracelet through each card. We found our bracelets in stores at Michaels, but you can also find them at Party City or even in bulk on Amazon.

Silly Straw Valentine:


These silly straw Valentines are almost too cute to part with, and they were incredibly easy and inexpensive to make. Using our silly straw valentine template we punched two holes into each card and threaded a straw through each one. We used these silly straws from Party City, but you can also find them on Amazon.

We hope you have as much fun making your Valentines as we did!


Ashley + Hallman