i heart u card


Who doesn’t just love opening the mail to find a handmade Valentine? No matter who the card is from, it can really brighten anyone’s day. While we think our kid’s DIY Valentines are almost too cute for words this year, we wanted to come up with a fun Valentine craft that could double as a card.  We created our own version of 3-D Valentine card the kids can help make. To make it even easier, we’ve created a printable valentines-day-card template for the “Be mine” card!


Start by printing our valentines-day-card template onto the card stock. Then cut out each card and fold them in half.


Next, punch a hole on the outer edge of the front and back flap of the folded card. To get the small hole, we used a Martha Stewart hole punch, which we like because it has three different punch sizes, but you can use a regular hole punch if that’s what you already have.

Let the kids help make several large heart punches using the heart hole punch and pink card stock. Then cut several pieces of baker’s twine that are 12 inches long.


Now you’re ready to make the “eye-heart-u” portion of the card. We started by placing the heart on the baker’s twine first because that made it easier to make sure the google eyes and letter U were placed in the right position. Let the kids place glue dots on one side of one of the heart punches. Then lay the baker’s twine on top of the glue dots, so that the heart is centered in the middle of he piece of twine. Next, place a second heart punch directly on top of the first.


To attach the google eye, let the kids place glue dots on the back of one google eye. They lay the google eye on the table with the glue side up, and place the baker’s twine on top of it so that the google eye is bout 1/2 inch to the left of the heart. Then place a second google eye on top of the first google eye, sandwiching the google eyes between the twine.


Lay a “U” sticker with the sticky side up o your work surface. Then place the baker’s twine on top too the “U” so that the “U” is 1/2 inch to the right of the heart. Place a second “U” sticker on top of the first.


Open the Be mine card and place the “eye-heart-u” baker’s twine on top of the card. Tie the right side of the baker’s twine to the hole on the right side of the card so that the knot is about 1/2 inch from the “U”.


Next, thread the left side of the baker’s twine through the hole on the left side of the card and then fold the card shut. To finish off the card, tie the two ends of twine together in a bow and place it in a festive colored envelope!


For more Valentine’s Day craft ideas be sure to check out our kid’s Valentine themed crafts from last year and the year before. There are so many to choose from that you’ll be able to keep those little hands busy all week long!

Happy making!


Ashley + Hallman

fun with washi tape

washi tape photo1

Replenishing our kids’ school supplies is definitely one of the highlights of the new school year. Our kids just love stocking up on brand new colorful pens, crayons and paper, and we always walk away with a few new supplies of our own. One item we are drawn to is Washi tape. The DIY, organization and crafting possibilities are endless and we just can’t help picking up a few new rolls each time we are in the craft store or Target. Now that our tape collection is suitably refreshed with a few new bright colors, we are on the look out for new, inspiring ways to get crafty.

Kid’s crafts

Whether it’s transforming an ordinary cabinet into a doll house or creating a race track for toy cars, kids love getting crafty with a few rolls of Washi tape, so let their imagination run wild!

ikea hack


washi tape track

Le jardin de Juliette


Amy Di Stasio

city mom

City Mom


Washi tape is a colorful and inexpensive way to transform any room or fixture, but best of all it’s temporary so if you change your mind a few weeks down the road you can always take it down!

Aprtment Therapy

Apartment Therapy


IDA Interior Lifestyle



design sponge

Design Sponge


We use Washi tape as labels to keep electronic chords and food items organized, but it also makes the perfect custom calendar or bookmark!

brit and co

Brit & Co


The Chic Site

hgtv 2



Paper and Pin

Gift Wrap

We are always looking for creative, new ways to make our gift wrap extra special, and using Washi tape is a wonderful way to add a pop of color to any present.

2 - crayons color me plain white wrapping 2

Lines Across


Shari’s Berries

Happy taping!


Ashley + Hallman

popsicle stick kids crafts

popsicle stick butterflies

Popsicles are a daily treat in our households during the Summer, so it only makes sense that we incorporate all our left over sticks into our summertime kids’ activities. There are so many fun and creative ways to use popsicle sticks, or craft sticks, that they are the perfect tool for any impromptu crafting activity. While we do use some of our kids’ left over popsicle sticks, you don’t have to stuff yourselves silly in order to have enough for an activity. Craft sticks are readily available in any color on Amazon or at any craft store.

Popsicle Stick Butterfly

Most of us fondly remember making godseyes at summer camp with two popsicle sticks and some yarn. Our kids aren’t quite old enough for that craft yet, so we came up wth a simpler version…a colorful butterfly!

popsicle stick butterflies 3


  • Popsicle sticks or craft sticks
  • Yarn in various colors of your choice
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Large wooden beads (optional)

popsicle stick buterflies 4

Start by making an “X” wth two popsicle sticks. Then tie a knot around the cross section of the two sticks. With the long end of yarn, start wrapping the yarn around the middle section of the two popsicle sticks, this will secure the sticks and make sure they don’t move around.

popsicle stick butterflies 9

Using the long end of the yarn, and beginning on one side of the popsicle stick “x”, wrap the yarn around two popsicle sticks in a figure eight fashion.

popsicle stick butterflies 6

We made our butterflies extra colorful by using two or three colors on each one. When your kiddo finishes with their first color, tie a knot with that color to one of the popsicle sticks. Using a new color, tie a knot to one of the popsicle sticks with the new color and wrap the yarn around the two sticks in the same figure eight fashion. When you’re finished with making the butterfly wings, tie off the yarn and cut the ends of any remaining bits of string.

 popsicle stick butterflies 7

Fold a pipe cleaner in half and place it around the center of the butterfly. Twist the bottom portion of the pipe cleaner below the butterfly a few times and then twist the top portion of the pipe cleaner to create the butterfly antennae. To create a head you can thread a large wooden bead through the pipe cleaners on top of the butterfly. Finally, wrap the antenna around your finger to create a curve in the antenna.

popsicle stick butterflies 2

Our kids had so much fun making butterflies with popsicle sticks that we gathered together a few more fun crafts that we can’t wait to try!

 the idea room 2

The Idea Room

diy network

DIY Network

i heart arts n crafts

I Heart Arts n Crafts

molly moo crafts

Molly Moo Crafts

i can teach my child

I can Teach My Child

 craft stick harmonica

Housing  Forest

Happy crafting!


Ashley + Hallman

kids’ earth day crafts

painted sticks7

If your kids are anything like ours then you will know that there isn’t a stick, rock, leaf or flower that they don’t pick up and immediately proclaim they just absolutely have to take home…prefaced of course by the question, “Mommy, can you hold these for me please?” To celebrate Earth Day this year we decided to embrace our kids’ love for collecting nature’s bounty and came up with  two fun and easy crafts for the variety of sticks they bring home on a daily basis. In fact, they had so much fun with these crafts that we have a feeling we will be painting rocks, sticks and leaves all year long!

Twig Mobile

This craft was inspired by a combination of our DIY kid’s dreamcatcher and our Valentine’s heart mobile. Our kids loved both crafts so we knew this would be a slam dunk. The beauty of this one is that there is no wrong way to make the mobile, and each of our kids’ mobiles turned out colorful and unique in their own right.

stick mobile5

wrapped sticks5

You will want to start with a stick in an interesting shape and a few straight twigs. To wrap the sticks we used yarn, but you can also use embroidery thread. Start by tying the thread or yarn to a part of the interesting shaped stick and begin wrapping it around the stick. When the kids are satisfied with their first color of yarn, tie the ends and start on another color.

wrapped sticks14

wrapped sticks 12

Our kids left the ends of the yarn long so that they could add beads and feathers. Continue to wrap the sticks and twigs until you have 2 or 3 that you can tie together. Once you are ready, begin tying your sticks together to create the mobile. There is no wrong way to do this, so try out different configurations! When you’re finished, tie a long piece of yarn to the top of the mobile and hang!

stick mobile2

Painted Stick Craft

Painting sticks was not only a favorite activity for our kids but for us as well! We loved getting in on the painting action, and the result was so great that we put our painted sticks in a vase to make a colorful centerpiece. All you will need for this craft is a few sticks, craft paints and paint brushes. This craft can get a little bit messy, so you will want to cover your work surface.

painted sticks13

painted sticks 3

painted sticks1

Similar to the wrapped sticks, there is no wrong way to paint a twig so we painted them lots of different ways. We noticed that the more colors we used the better our sticks looked, so have some fun experimenting with lots of different colors and patterns! Once you are finished lay them all out and let them dry for a couple hours. When the painted sticks are dry you can place them in a vase to make a colorful bouquet that will last a very long time!

painted sticks8

Happy making!


Ashley + Hallman

a rainbow of crafts

rainbow headband 5

Our kids adore rainbows, whether it’s painting, beading, cutting or pasting…rainbows are always a hit. They are cheery and bright, and now that it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day rainbow crafts are the perfect way to celebrate with the kids. Our kids loved getting crafty and a little messy with last year’s St. Patrick’s Day crafts and couldn’t wait to see what we had in store for this year…needless to say we all had a lot of fun cutting, pasting and beading our rainbow creations.

3-D Rainbow

This is an easy craft that our kids loved…and as much as we all enjoy getting messy from time to time, we loved this one too because our living rooms weren’t covered in glitter or paint afterward! To make this craft easy for us, our kids and everyone else, we created a printable sun and cloud template so that all you need is a few sheets of colored constructor paper, glue dots and scissors.

Rainbow craft 1


  • Card stock or construction paper in rainbow colors as well as white, yellow and turquoise or light blue
  • Scissors
  • Glue dots

rainbow craft 4

Start by cutting 1 inch wide strips of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple card stock or construction paper. Next, print the sun and cloud template onto white and yellow card stock (white for the cloud and yellow for the sun). Cut out the sun and cloud shapes.

rainbow craft 2

To make the rainbow, place a glue dot at one end of the red strip of card stock and place the strip in the top left hand corner of the turquoise piece of card stock. Next, place a glue dot onto the top of the orange strip and place it next to the red strip so that it overlaps the red. As you continue to glue the rest of the strips n rainbow order in the top left hand corner of the turquoise card stock, be sure that the strips overlap each preceding color, and that the ends fans out slightly toward the bottom right hand corner.

rainbow craft 3

To create the 3-D arch of the rainbow, place a glue dot on the underside of the red strip of card stock at the loose end. Then, attach the end of the red strip to the turquoise card stock so that the red strip arches upward. Continue to glue the remaining strips, in rainbow order, to the turquoise card stock so that they arch upward. To finish the rainbow, glue the sun to the top left hand corner of the turquoise card stock, on top of the rainbow. Then glue the cloud on top of the base of the rainbow in the bottom right hand corner.

Rainbow Headband

For Mia, life is all about sparkle, rainbows and unicorns right now so we thought we’d come up with a sparkly rainbow headband that she could wear for St. Patrick’s Day, and every day after that! Using tulle left over from her unicorn Halloween costume, we whipped up this rainbow headband in about 5 minutes.

rainbow headband 3


  • Gold headband (we bought ours at Target in the hair accessories aisle, but this gold headband would look really cute as well)
  • Small plastic hair rubber bands
  • Tulle fabric in rainbow colors, 1/8 yard in each color (You can also use tissue paper in rainbow colors, but the headband will not last as long)
  • Scissors

rainbow headband1

Cut the pink tulle into 6-8 rectangles that are 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. We did this by folding the fabric in half, then in half again, and again and then one more time until the fabric was about 2 inches wide. Then we cut the folded fabric so that it was 4 inches long. To create the sheets we cut the creases of the folds so that we had about 6-8 sheets of tulle. We continued with this method on all the colors of tulle until we had stacks of 6-8 rectangles in each color.

rainbow headband 2

Place a mini rubber and around the stack of tulle so that it looks like a miniature bow tie. Then, fold the bow tie in half and slide the rubber band around the headband. Continue sliding the rubber band up the headband until you like the placement. Continue this with each stack of tulle, in rainbow order. Pull apart the sheets of tulle slightly to fluff them up.

Rainbow Bracelet

Our kids loved making the rainbow and clouds necklace from last year’s St. Patrick’s Day crafts, so we thought we’d create a new version for this year: a matching rainbow and clouds bracelet!

rainbow bracelet 3


rainbow bracelet 1

Using the needle and stretch magic beading chord, thread four of each color bead onto the chord. Then thread 3-4 white pom poms onto the chord. Threading the beads is easy and fun for the kiddos, but if they are on the young side they may need help threading the pom poms onto the chord…those can be a bit tricky. Tie the ends of the chord together in a triple knot and place a dot of glue on the knot. Blow on the glue for a minute or two until it has set. Let the glue dry completely for about 20 minutes then cut the ends of the chord.

Happy crafting!


Ashley + Hallman

valentine crafts

confetti heart 5

Hearts, hearts and more hearts! We love hearts and so do our kids. They love drawing them, cutting them, punching them out and occasionally dotting i’s with little hearts. With Valentine’s day just a few days away, we came up with a few fun heart crafts that are really easy to make with your kids.

Heart Balloon Cards

We love to make DIY Valentines with our kids and these heart balloon cards are so simple you could make them for an entire class or pop them in the mail for a few friends and family! All you need is a heart punch and some baker’s twine to make these sweet cards.



Use a small heart punch to punch out hearts in any color of card stock. Once you punch the hearts out, make a crease in the middle of each heart. Glue the hearts onto the card in clusters, only putting glue on the back of the crease.


Use baker’s twine to make a string for each balloon. Start by glueing the twine at the base of each heart. Using a small amount of glue, continue to adhere the twine to the card stock until it reaches the bottom of the card. We used reds and pinks for our hearts, but they would also look cute in rainbow or neon colors. Paper Source’s small cards and envelopes are perfect for this craft, but Michael’s also has a good selection of blank cards and envelopes.

Confetti Hearts

Confetti always looks festive so why not use it to create a colorful valentine for someone special? This craft works best with confetti made with a hole punch and card stock, which was a particularly fun activity for our kids!

confetti heart supplies


  • 1 sheet of white card stock
  • Several sheets of pastel colored card stock or construction paper
  • Hole punch
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Baker’s twine
  • Heart cookie cutters in varying sizes (optional)

Start by making confetti from the pastel colored card stock with the hole punch. Your kids will love making their own confetti. Trace hearts onto the white card stock using the cookie cutters. If you don’t have heart cookie cutters you can draw the hearts free hand, directly on the white card stock.

confetti heart 1

Fill in the hearts completely with glue and sprinkle the confetti over the hearts. Once the glue is completely covered with confetti let the glue dry.

confeti heart 3

To make the hearts look like balloons, you can glue pieces of baker’s twine onto the card stock; starting at the base of each heart and running down to the same point at the bottom of the page.

Conversation Hearts

While we love coming up with our own crafts with the kids, sometimes we do need a little inspiration. Seedling crafting kits are perfect for times like these! Some of you may have seen our DIY Valentine mobile last week where we made a heart mobile from Seedling’s Make your own Dream Catcher kit. We had so much fun with their dream catcher kit that we were inspired to use another kit for a quick kids valentine craft. Using their Jewelry Designer kit, we crafted these Valentine conversation hearts that can be strung on a necklace, hung like an ornament or even given away as a simple Valentine.

conversation heart craft


conversation heart craft 4

Follow the baking instructions included in the kit, and heat your oven to the appropriate temperature. Then begin working the clay from the kit in your hands until it softens. This may take a while, but it will soften enough for you to work it into a round ball. Once the clay is in a ball, place it on a smooth surface and use the rolling pin to roll the clay out into a disk about 1/8 – 1/4 inch thick. This is a great activity for the kids to do! Using heart cookie cutters, cut hearts out of the clay and place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or a Silpat.

If you’d like to string the hearts onto a necklace to hang them as ornaments, use a bamboo skewer to poke a hole through the top of each heart. Next, using the alphabet stamps, stamps words into the hearts. We went with traditional conversation heart messages like “be mine” and “kiss me”, but have fun with the stamps and get creative! Bake the clay according to the instructions, let cool completely and give your heart away to someone special!

Happy crafting!


Ashley + Hallman

diy ornaments for kids

diy ornamtn3

Every year we set out to make ornaments with our kids. We love looking back on the treasures we’ve made in the past and can’t wait to see how the next year’s projects turn out. This year we came up with two very simple and colorful diy ornaments that our kids loved making, and added just the right amount of color and texture to our trees. We all had so much fun in fact, that we made several of each one!

Felt Ball Ornament

We have an affinity for felt balls. They make the best garlands, our kids love crafting with them…and as we discovered this holiday season, they make a very fun and simple ornament!

diy ornament8


  • 5-6 felt balls in the colors of your choice, 1″ in diameter
  • Thread
  • Sewing needle
  • Twine or baker’s twine
  • Ribbon (optional)

diy ornamen12

Start by threading your needle (no need to tie a knot in the end of the thread). Then thread 5-6 felt balls onto the thread.

diy ornament11

Once the felt balls have been added to the thread, cut the needle from the thread. Then bring both ends of thread together and tie very tightly in a double knot. Now cut the ends the thread.

diy ornament10

Now you can add a ribbon by tying it over the knot in your thread. This step isn’t necessary, but can add a festive touch. Finally, tie a piece of twine or baker’s twine onto the ornament so that you can hang it on the tree!

Santa Ornament

This Santa ornament is one that Ashley remembers making in Kindergarten so she’s been waiting ever so patiently for Mia to start kinder so that they could make it together. The year has finally arrived, and making this ornament was just as much fun as she remembered! Although it looks complicated, it was easy for Mia to do!

Santa Ornament4


  • Key ring, about 1.5″ in diameter
  • Red yarn, cut 13 strips measuring 12″ each
  • White yarn, cut 10 strips measuring 12″ each
  • 2 blue beads
  • 1 pink bead
  • 1 paper clip (you can also use thin jewelry wire, fishing line or even string)
  • Needle nose pliers (if you are using a paper clip)

Santa Ornament1

Once all your yarn has been cut into 12″ pieces, have your child take a piece of red yarn and fold it in half. Then loop it around the key ring and thread the two yarn ends through the loop. Repeat this until they have looped 12 pieces of yarn around the key ring.

Santa 5

Next, wrap the 13th piece of red yarn around all the strands of red yarn on the key ring, about 1.5-2″ from the key ring. Tie in a double knot. Then tie the two ends of the yarn together, creating a loop so you can hang your ornament.

Santa Ornament2

Then start looping the white yarn around the opposite side of the key ring, the same way you looped the red yarn. Once all 10 pieces of white yarn have been used, have your kids unravel the white yarn ends to create Santa’s fluffy beard.

Santa Ornament3

Now it’s time for Santa’s eyes and nose! If you are using a paper clip, unwind the clip and let you child thread one blue bead, then one pink bead and another blue bead onto the wire. This next step is one a grown up will need to do. Wrap the end of the paper clip around one side of the key ring a couple times. Using the needle nose pliers tighten the wire around the key ring. Repeat this step with the other end of the paper clip wire to secure the eyes and nose to the key ring. Last, let you child trim the ends of the red yarn so that they are about 1/2″ long. Now you can hang Santa on the tree!

Happy Crafting!


Ashley + Hallman

thanksgiving for our little turkeys

kids thanksgiving 2

Halloween was over for about 30 seconds before our kids started asking when Thanksgiving would be here…clearly they share our love for holidays! Thanksgiving can be an overwhelming holiday for young ones, and they can sometimes feel left out of the celebration. Let’s face it there are no toys or candy involved, hoards of extended family are constantly in their faces and the day is rather long. To help keep our kids entertained and get them involved in what Thanksgiving means, we like to set a simple Thanksgiving table just of them, complete with a couple of kid friendly activities. You may remember our Kids’ Thanksgiving table from last year, which featured feather headdresses and floating boats. To celebrate with our little turkeys this year we went a little turkey crazy with lots of feathers, crayons and easy DIY turkey decor that anyone can make.

Thankful Turkey Centerpiece

The meaning of Thanksgiving can be hard for young ones to understand so we like to come up with crafts that help our kids learn what it means to be thankful. This year we chose to make our thankful craft one that would be a colorful centerpiece to our kids table: an adorable turkey with vibrant paper feathers. To make this craft easy for everyone we created templates for the feathers and turkey face.

Kids thanksgiving 7


We started by painting a round vase with brown spray paint. We cut our turkey head from brown card stock and printed our turkey face pieces from our turkey beak template and our turkey wattle template. We attached googly eyes and the turkey face pieces to the head with glue dots. Then we attached the turkey head to the body with glue dots. You can place a dry oasis inside the turkey body to hold the feathers or you can place a few skeins of yarn in the body. The skeins of yarn will hold the popsicle sticks perfectly!

kids thanksgiving6

To create the feathers, print our feather template onto various colors of card stock. Using scissors cut out each feather and make notches on either side. Let your kids write what they are thankful for on each feather. Using a few glue dots, attach a popsicle stick to the back of each feather and insert the feather into the turkey body.

kids thanksgiving 8

Even though our kids are still a little too young to write down everything they are thankful for, we like to let them figure out the spelling on their own, or even draw little pictures of what they are thankful for. It gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment to take ownership of the project. We also love to see what they come up with on their own!

Feather Milk Jug

Kids thanksgiving 5


A simple milk jug can be used in so many ways; for Halloween, Easter, and lots more! To create our kids’ Thanksgiving beverage glasses, we tied a few colorful feathers to each jug with twine and inserted a colorful paper straw.

Paper Turkey Craft

No Thanksgiving table is complete without a place card and placemat, and our paper turkey craft works as both! It is the perfect activity to keep youngsters busy during the day while they wait for dinner to be served. To make this craft as easy as pumpkin pie, we created templates for everything including the turkey body, turkey face and turkey face favor bag label. Our white oval placemats double as the turkey body and the galvanized buckets that hold all the craft supplies work perfectly as place cards.

kids thanksgiving 12


Using chalkboard stickers, we labeled galvanized buckets with our kids’ names and filled them with all the supplies needed to create each turkey (colorful feathers, glue dots, turkey face parts and crayons). Start by printing the turkey body template onto several sheets of white card stock and cut out each body. Next, print the turkey wattle template and turkey beak template onto red and orange card stock and cut out the shapes. We placed all the turkey face pieces and goggly eyes into a small favor bag labeled with with our Turkey Face Sticker. Simply print the Turkey Face Sticker onto a white label sheet, cut out each sticker and place on the front of the favor bags.

kids thanksgiving 3

When the kids are ready to make their turkeys let them color the bodies any way they’d like using the crayons. Then have them attach the face parts with the glue dots. When they are ready to attach the feathers, turn the body over and have them attach the feathers along the top of the body with more glue dots.

Kids thanksgiving1

Thanksgiving day should be as much fun for the kids as it is for the grown ups. With a few crafts, some fun decor and a lots of silliness it’s easy to have a fabulous time!

Gobble gobble!


Ashley + Hallman

fall kids craft: leaf stamps

fall leaves

The leaves are falling everywhere and our kids love collecting them in all shapes, sizes and color. We thought it would be fun for them to make a little something with all these leaves, so we came up with this simple Fall kids’ craft. Everything about this craft is fun: gathering the leaves, painting them and discovering the pattern of each leaf on the paper!

With a little paint, paper and lots of leaves you and the kiddos can make some wall worthy artwork this Fall.


  • Leaves in varying sizes and shapes
  • Craft paints in Fall colors: yellows, oranges, reds and greens
  • White paper
  • Paint brush or sponge cut into a small square

fall craft 2

fall craft 4

Start by gathering several leaves in all shapes and sizes. Once you have all your leaves let the kids paint the under side of a leaf with a paint color of their choice. This craft can be a bit messy so we suggest placing a painters tarp or paper towels over your work surface.

fall craft 1

fall craft 9

Then have your child turn the leaf over and place it on a white piece of paper. Have them press down on the leaf, firmly and then gently lift it off the paper. Repeat these steps until your child is happy with their design.

fall craft 6

Our kids even surprised us with a creation of their own! They chose to paint each leaf with all the colors. What we thought would be a smeary mess actually had the most beautiful outcome!

fall crafft 10

We love how this activity got us outdoors with our kids hunting for leaves and ended with a few pieces of beautiful kids’ originals!

Happy crafting!


Ashley + Hallman

summer activities: spray bottle art

We are always looking for fun and creative activities to do with our kids, but with Summer approaching we need to have an arsenal of ideas to entertain our kids that we can use as necessary! Spray bottles are a great way to entertain kids outside during the Summer and the action of squeezing the nozzle is great for their fine motor skill development. When our kids were younger, a spray bottle and some water could entertain them for a very long time, but now we have to step up our game. This year we thought we would experiment with other ways to use spray bottles for entertainment. Both of these crafts are simple and tons of fun!


Spray Bottle Art

Our kids love to paint, but sometimes you need to mix it up. For this project we used 5 spray bottles from Target and a 5 pack of canvases we found at Michael’s. We picked 5 colors of acrylic paint, one color for each bottle. Using a ratio of 1/3 part acrylic paint to 2/3 part water, we placed the paint and water in a spray bottle, screwed the nozzle on and shook the bottle to mix the paint. Once the paint and water were mixed together we let the kids “spray paint” their canvases. The kids loved this activity and the paintings look great…definitely wall worthy! We did notice that if you use only a few colors in the same color family there is less chance that the painting will turn brown or grey.



Spray Bottle T-Shirts

This was another activity that our kids loved, and the end result was super cute! Because we are working with dye in this activity, we recommend wearing clothes you don’t mind getting stained. The grown ups will also want to use a pair of rubber gloves to mix the dye and handle the t-shirts when the kids are finished. Your kids may have some dye on their hands when they are finished with this activity, but it will wash off with soap and water in a day.

For this activity we used t-shirts we found at Michael’s, but you can also find inexpensive plain white t-shirts at Target or Walmart. We threw a drop cloth over the fence and taped the t-shirts to the drop cloth. Be sure to tape the shirt on the inside of the collar and sleeves so you don’t have tape marks on the front of the t-shirt. Using Rit dye or a tie-dye kit, mix the fabric dye according the directions, in the spray bottle. Now let your kids spray their t-shirts! Just like with the spray bottle art, the t-shirts looked best when the kids picked two or three colors. Once your kid is done spraying the t-shirt, place the t-shirt in a garbage bag, tie a knot in the top of the bag to seal it, and let it sit overnight. The next day, take your t-shirt out of the bag and soak it in distilled white vinegar for at least 30 minutes. After your t-shirt has soaked, ring it out and wash it in your washing machine. Wash the t-shirts alone without detergent on a cold setting. You may want to wash them more than once to ensure they won’t bleed on anything else. Then dry in the dryer. Our kids were very proud of their creations!




Happy Spraying!


Hallman + Ashley