how will you be kind today?


February is filled with hearts, candy and lots of talk about love and romance. We love to make Valentine’s Day fun for our kids with heart shaped treats, DIY valentines and decorations, but we also like to use this time of year to talk about kindness. There are a million ways to be kind, and even a small act can make a big impact. We are excited to partner with Primary to be part of their How Will You Be Kind Today? project. For the month of February they are focusing on small acts that equal big kindness.


We asked our kids to think about acts of kindness they could do for neighbors, friends and family. We loved the things they said. “I will share my toys with my brother.” “I will help my mom put away the dishes.” “I will write a note to my grandmother.” “I will bring my teacher a flower.”  We cut out hearts on colored card stock using our heart template and asked our kids to write their acts of kindness.



We have also found some great books that talk about kindness or illustrate acts of kindness in a ways that kids can understand. A few of our favorites include A Sick Day for Amos McGee, My Color is Rainbow, Pete the Cat Valentine’s Day is Cool, Little Blue Truck and The Little Engine that Could.


Whether it’s saying something nice to a friend, helping around the house, or writing a thank you note; spreading a little love and kindness is always a good idea!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hallman + Ashley


Mia: Capri Leggings, Twirly Skirt, Long Sleeve Shirt Henry: Cargo Pants, HenleyHoodie Charlie: 4 Pocket Pants, Henley, Hoodie


back to school guide: kids’ clothes


Now that you are situated on back to school gear, it is time to think about back to school clothes! We definitely have our favorite spots to shop for kids’ clothes. We love Johnnie-o, Boden, and Hanna Andersson because their clothes look great and are quality items that hold up to the rough and tumble of young kids, but we haven’t stopped there. As much as we want our kids to be stylish on the playground, we also want them to be comfortable. We think we’ve found the best of both worlds this season with our selection of kids bak to school clothes:

The Girls’ Guide


1. Boden Hoodie ($60) 2. J.Crew Teach for America tee ($25) 3. J.Crew Field Jacket ($128) 4. Vans Camden Shoe ($40) 5. Cotton On Pom-Pom Skirt ($22.95) 6. J.Crew Heart Sweater ($59.50) 7. J.Crew Factory Ruffle Sweatshirt ($36.50) 8. Old Navy Shorts ($5-$7) 9. Old Navy High Tops ($24)

The Boys’ Guide


1. Johnnie-o kids hoodie 2. Johnnie-o jr. horizon tee 3. J.Crew K-Way College Jacket ($89) 4. J.Crew awesome tee 5. Boden lined cargos 6. Puma Cabana Racer Sneakers ($50) 7. Vans Golden Coast High Tops ($45) 8. Boden cozy waffle shirt

Here’s to back to school clothes!


Hallman + Ashley

spring break: kids’ edition


We warned you that we are going to be talking about Spring all week! There is less than a month until the first day of Spring so the Spring Break daydreams can officially begin. We looked high and low to find cute Spring Break gear to outfit your little ones. We wish a few of these items came in grown up sizes!

Girls’ Spring Break Gear


1. Carter’s Natural Fedora ($11) 2. PilyQ Pom Pom Cover Up ($74) 3. Carter’s 1-Piece Flamingo Swimsuit ($29) 4. Carter’s 2-Piece Rash Guard ($29) 5. Abercrombie Kids Beach Graphic Tote ($13.97) 6. J.Crew Shirred Sundress ($65) 7. Old Navy Aviators ($6.94) 8. J.Crew Colorblock Floral Flipflops ($16.50)

Boys’ Spring Break Gear


1. Johnnie-O kids topper hat ($24) 2. Boden Swimshorts ($30) J.Crew kids sunnies ($24.50) 3. J.Crew Swim and Surf rashguard 4. Boden Big Applique T-shirt ($30) 5.6. Speedo Skoogles ($10.99) 7. Hannah Andersson Flip Flops ($22) 8. Boden Toweling Poncho ($40) 9. Johnnie-O classic swimsuit (on sale $35)

Don’t forget to get a few things to take care of your kids’ skin and a few traveling toys to make your next trip relaxing for everyone!

Happy Spring Break!


Hallman + Ashley