i heart u card


Who doesn’t just love opening the mail to find a handmade Valentine? No matter who the card is from, it can really brighten anyone’s day. While we think our kid’s DIY Valentines are almost too cute for words this year, we wanted to come up with a fun Valentine craft that could double as a card.  We created our own version of 3-D Valentine card the kids can help make. To make it even easier, we’ve created a printable valentines-day-card template for the “Be mine” card!


Start by printing our valentines-day-card template onto the card stock. Then cut out each card and fold them in half.


Next, punch a hole on the outer edge of the front and back flap of the folded card. To get the small hole, we used a Martha Stewart hole punch, which we like because it has three different punch sizes, but you can use a regular hole punch if that’s what you already have.

Let the kids help make several large heart punches using the heart hole punch and pink card stock. Then cut several pieces of baker’s twine that are 12 inches long.


Now you’re ready to make the “eye-heart-u” portion of the card. We started by placing the heart on the baker’s twine first because that made it easier to make sure the google eyes and letter U were placed in the right position. Let the kids place glue dots on one side of one of the heart punches. Then lay the baker’s twine on top of the glue dots, so that the heart is centered in the middle of he piece of twine. Next, place a second heart punch directly on top of the first.


To attach the google eye, let the kids place glue dots on the back of one google eye. They lay the google eye on the table with the glue side up, and place the baker’s twine on top of it so that the google eye is bout 1/2 inch to the left of the heart. Then place a second google eye on top of the first google eye, sandwiching the google eyes between the twine.


Lay a “U” sticker with the sticky side up o your work surface. Then place the baker’s twine on top too the “U” so that the “U” is 1/2 inch to the right of the heart. Place a second “U” sticker on top of the first.


Open the Be mine card and place the “eye-heart-u” baker’s twine on top of the card. Tie the right side of the baker’s twine to the hole on the right side of the card so that the knot is about 1/2 inch from the “U”.


Next, thread the left side of the baker’s twine through the hole on the left side of the card and then fold the card shut. To finish off the card, tie the two ends of twine together in a bow and place it in a festive colored envelope!


For more Valentine’s Day craft ideas be sure to check out our kid’s Valentine themed crafts from last year and the year before. There are so many to choose from that you’ll be able to keep those little hands busy all week long!

Happy making!


Ashley + Hallman

we heart garlands!

candy heart garland

We love using garlands to decorate for the holidays! They are an easy way to add a colorful, festive touch for any occasion…and we try to make ours as simple as possible so that they are worth making rather than buying. This Valentine’s Day we were inspired to add a pop of pastel color to our homes with a fun candy heart garland and an ombré pom pom garland.

Candy Heart Garland

Most of us grew up with the pastel candy conversation hearts, and even though they weren’t our favorite Valentine’s candy, we still get nostalgic every year when we see them. This year we decided to create a candy heart garland using our Candy Heart Garland template and a few alphabet stamps. This garland is so colorful and is a really fun way to decorate for Valentine’s Day.

candy heart garland2


Start by printing the Candy Heart Garland template onto several sheets of pastel colored card stock. Using scissors, cut out each heart. Next, use the red stamping ink and rubber alphabet stamps to create valentine’s phrases on each heart. We stuck to classic phrases like “kiss me”, “be mine” and “xoxo”, but have a little fun creating your own! To finish the garland, we punched two holes at the top of each heart and strung them on the bakers twine.

Ombré Pom Pom Garland

In case you haven’t noticed by our Valentine’s Day decor from last week, we are in love with anything ombré…and any type of DIY pom pom! Why not combine the two into an ombré pom pom garland! Pom poms are incredibly easy, and inexpensive to make so creating this garland was a no-brainer.

pom pom garland


  • 1 skein of dark pink yarn, 1 skein of medium pink yarn, 1 skein of light pink yarn and 1 skein of white yarn
  • Scissors
  • Pop pom maker (this is optional, you can also use your hand to make pom poms, the same way we did for our DIY pom pom beach bag).

Using the dark pink skein of yarn, make 3-4 large pom poms. Leave the ends of yarn you used to tie off the pom poms long, but trim the rest of the pom pom fringe so that your pom poms have a nice round shape. If you are using a pom pom maker, follow the instructions included with the tool. If you don’t have a pom pom maker, you can refer to our DIY pom pom article. In our article we used our hands, which makes the perfect size pom pom for this garland.

Next, make the same number of white pom poms as dark pink pom poms. Finally, make twice as many medium pink and light pink poms poms as you made of the dark pink pom poms. Now you’re ready to start stringing them for your garland!

pom pom garland 2

Cut a long length of light pink yarn, the length you would like your garland to be. Then, using the long ends of yarn on each pom pom, begin to tie the pom poms to the light pink length of yarn. To create an ombré effect, start with a dark pink pom pom, then tie a medium pink pom pom a few inches away from it, then a light pink, then a white. Then place a light pink pom pom on the string next to the white, then a medium pink, then a dark pink, and so on until you have used all your pom poms to create the ombré garland.

Happy making!


Ashley + Hallman