workout gear with style

We live in our workout gear! Sometimes, wearing workout gear all day is the only way we can squeeze in a workout. There are days we wear out workout gear because it is comfortable and easy, but as much as we love leggings and a yoga tank, we try hard to look put together and stylish no matter what we are wearing. By throwing on jacket or putting on a fun pair of shoes your workout gear can take you throughout your day whether you break a sweat or not.

sweaty betty 14

Amrita Leggings, Chakra Yoga Tank, J.Crew Denim Jacket, Annabel Ingall Tote Bag

Today, we are sharing a few ways to wear our favorite Sweaty Betty pieces. Sweaty Betty makes it easy to up your workout look because all the pieces are unique, modern and incredibly fashionable. Hallman has been wearing Sweaty Betty since she lived in London and has always loved the style and comfort of their pieces. We especially love their leggings because they are fully opaque, have some fabulous statement prints and are often reversible! Now that Sweaty Betty is stateside and has two new locations in West L.A. (Abbot Kinney and Santa Monica) it is that much easier to look good in your workout gear.

sweaty betty 18

Zero Gravity Run Tights, Niyama Yoga Tank, Indaba Yoga Tee (similar), Chambray ShirtPerf Leather Slip-On Vans

sweaty betty 7

10K Run Tights (similar), Leopard Slip-on Sneakers, Bag, Jacket

sweaty betty 26

Chandrasana Yoga Leggings, Niyama Yoga Tank, Breeze Merino Run Top

sweaty betty 8

Amrita Yoga Leggings, Anusara Yoga Tank, Barbican Yoga Tee, Metallic Leather Slip-On Vans, Yoga Mat Bag

sweaty betty 4

 Spilt 7/8 Run Leggings, Flaunt It Dance Tank, Perf Leather Slip-On Vans, Denim Jacket

sweaty betty 23

Amrita Leggings (in reverse), Field Jacket (similar), Leopard Slip-on Sneakers, Bag

Here’s to looking stylish everyday!


Hallman + Ashley

our favorite workout trends

high energy workout 2

We love to workout and while we have our favorite workouts, we are always looking for new ways to keep our fitness routine fresh and fun. In the last few months we have tried new workouts and explored the latest fitness trends to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone and try something new.  Here is our roundup of the latest fitness trends that you will want to embrace.

High Energy Workouts

High energy workouts are intense and efficient, so it is no surprise that they are so popular right now. Ashley and I started working out at Orangetheory Fitness a few months ago and we are hooked. Orangetheory Fitness is a high energy, trainer-led group work out that combines a treadmill, rowing machine and floor exercises. Wearing a heart-rate monitor, the goal of the class is to keep your heart rate in a target zone for a certain amount of time to maximize energy and calorie burn. No workout is alike and they are set up so you push yourself harder than you ever would working out on your own.

If you are in West Los Angeles, Burn 60 is also a great spot for a high-intensity interval workout. We recently took a class from Julie Diamond and loved her energy and enthusiasm.

Wearable Technology

We all love a gadget, especially when it can tracks our sleep, steps and monitors our heart rate. There are so many great fitness trackers out there that it is hard to know how to pick one that is right for you. You can get the lowdown on the best of this technology on Wareable and Cnet.

Foam Roller

A foam roller is an inexpensive and versatile piece of fitness equipment that can help you sculpt, detox and relive tension, depending on how you use it.

Fusion Classes

Everyone loves a mash up, even when it comes to workout routines. Cardio Barre, Yogahop and Exhale are just a few of studios that combine your favorite parts of two or more workouts into one class.

Streaming Classes

There are so many amazing virtual workout routines that can be accessed anywhere and are perfect for someone that travels or needs to workout at off-peak hours. Some of the most popular streaming services are YogaGlo, Ballet Beautiful, Pilatesology, Booya Fitness, Daily Burn, Physique57 and Tracy Anderson.

The No Commitment Workout

If you travel frequently, have an unpredictable schedule or simply get bored easily with one type of workout, then ClassPass is going to be your new best friend. For a monthly membership fee, you can go to any studio or gym in the ClassPass network. ClassPass has a variety of workouts in their network in cities all over the world. The only downside is that you can’t go to any studio more than 3 times in a month.

Here’s to a great workout!


Hallman + Ashley

workout gear reboot

So we all know that with the new year comes our New Year’s Resolutions…and of course one of those resolutions always includes the commitment to working out on a regular basis. We always put a high priority on our own personal fitness, but the holidays definitely threw off our routine. We are excited that we can jump back into our regular workout routines, but we wanted to try something new. Trying a new workout is also a great way to energize your fitness routine and we are both currently obsessed with Orange Theory. It is the perfect compliment to Yogahop, our long time favorite workout.

sweatty betty 2

Sweaty Betty Niyama Tank and Garudasana Yoga Capris

If you are going to spend an extra time exercising, then you need cute new workout gear to go with your new routine! We practically live in workout pants, tops, sweatshirts and sneakers…always with the intent that we will be able to steal away an hour during the day to get a sweat session in.

alo moto pants

Alo Yoga Moto Leggings

Since we spend so much time running around in our “mom” uniforms we may as well look cute doing it, which is way we love brands like Sweaty Betty and Alo Yoga. Their stylish workout wear is perfect for any sport you love to do, but cute enough to wear all day long. Hallman loved Sweaty Betty when she lived in London and now they have a new store in Venice, and store opening in Santa Monica in February! Whether it’s yoga, circuit training, spinning or running, we have you covered with a few of our favorites in the latest fitness apparel.

favorite workout gear 2016

1. Asics Running Shoes ($120), 2. Alo Yoga Moto Leggings ($110), 3. Sweaty Betty Long Sleeve Top ($90), 4. Foam Roller ($11.49), 5. Sweaty Betty Sports Bra ($65), 6. Athleta Tote Bag ($63.99), 7. Jump Rope ($16), 8. Alo Yoga Lotus Tank ($64), 9. Sweaty Betty Yoga Capris ($109)

Have a great workout!


Ashley + Hallman

good posture feels good with Allison Oswald

We are excited to have Allison Oswald guest blogging again today. Allison’s tips on finding balance were a huge help and we are thrilled she is sharing her tips and advice on maintaining good posture. Thank you Allison for keep us aligned and feeling our best!


Most people think of posture and alignment only during exercise, or once they see someone else with noticeably poor posture. (I know you all just sat up a little taller after reading that first line…so did I) But posture is something that is important throughout the day and even during sleep.

Correct alignment has numerous benefits, including putting the least amount of pressure on our joints, allowing the most efficient movement patterns, creating optimal space for our internal organs and in turn preventing injury and keeping us feeling our best. Posture also affects how we portray ourselves and what others perceive of us.

So here are a few of my tips for achieving and maintaining good posture. Remember this takes practice and time so don’t overcorrect, and allow your body to find it’s best alignment comfortably. These are very general guidelines, so if you are having pain please seek out a physical therapist in your area to create a treatment plan specific to your needs.

1. KEEP BOTH FEET ON THE FLOOR: If you can remember to keep your feet planted when sitting or standing, with equal weight in each foot, you will avoid leg crossing or hip dropping. This will keep your pelvis aligned and create a better base for good posture.


2. DON’T SQUEEZE YOUR SHOULDER BLADES: Most people “correct” their slouching posture by over squeezing their shoulder blades, as pictured below. But this just arches the low back and can cause compression in your spine. Gently “set” your shoulder blades down and back to open up your chest, but don’t arch.


3. KEEP YOUR RIBCAGE OVER YOUR PELVIS: Always remember that your ribcage should be directly over your pelvis. This keeps your spine in the most neutral position. In the correct picture below you can see how the horizontal line going through the diaphragm should be parallel to the top of the pelvis. Look in a mirror for feedback because this doesn’t always feel natural at the beginning.


4. BREATHE LATERALLY INTO LOWER RIBS AND BELLY: By breathing into your lateral ribs (where the arrows are in the picture) and lower into your abdomen you will connect to your abdominal muscles, pelvic floor and diaphragm, that all work together to create stability in your body. This will also take the tension out of your neck and shoulders, where most people tend to breathe and in turn arch their backs. Or even worse is when people don’t breath at all. And always exhale with exertion, (i.e. lifting a baby, getting up from the ground, lifting weights at the gym) this will naturally create more stability and strength, as mentioned above.


5. AVOID CURLING INTO A BALL WHILE SLEEPING: Since we sleep for hopefully at least 6-8 hours a night, it’s important that you keep your spine as aligned as possible. If you’re on your side, keep your spine neutral and bend your knees up with a pillow between them. If you’re on your back, you can put a little pillow under your knees if that is comfortable. And if you’re a tummy sleeper try to switch completely since that is the worst position for your back.

I hope you find these tips helpful and are able to start using them today during whatever you are doing (work, childcare, exercise class, driving). You need no equipment, just start practicing them and you will begin to increase your awareness and improve your posture gradually over time.

signature_grey_V2 (2)

Headshot (2)

Allison Oswald is a Doctor of Physical Therapy board certified in women’s health. She is also a certified Pilates instructor and incorporates a Pilates based approach with her clients if appropriate. As a women’s health specialist, she addresses issues associated with pregnancy, the postpartum period, pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence, prolapse, sexual dysfunction and more. She sees clients in her Santa Monica, CA studio, will do house calls and is available for group workshops and speaking engagements. Outside of work, Allison stays busy with her two boys Vincent (3 ½ years) and William (2 years) and husband Pete.


yoga series: abs

camel pose

Most of us are constantly trying to strengthen and tone our core. Aside from the obvious slim waist-line, a strong core is beneficial in so many ways. It helps support your back, it improves posture, it’s good for balance and stability. While we all know core strength is important, sticking with the same old crunches every week can become a bit monotonous! Since we are avid yogis, we like to take some of our favorite core strengthening poses off the matt and into the gym to help shake things up a bit.

We’ve put together our favorite core toning poses that can be incorporated into any workout. One important key to all of these exercises is to make sure your core is engaged the entire time during the pose. This will help to protect your back and strengthen your abdomen at the same time.

Side Plank:

one arm balance

Start in a plank position with your hands directly below your shoulders. On an inhale, slowly shift your weight to your right side as you stack your left foot on top of your right, turn your torso to the left and raise your left arm so that your hand is reaching for the sky. The key is to keep your hips lifted to that they are in line with your spine. Hold this pose for five breaths then slowly transition back into plank. On your next inhale repeat the same steps on the other side. Repeat this exercise two more times.

Knee to Arm Plank:

knee to elbow

Come into plank pose and on an exhale bring your right knee to your right elbow. Hold this pose for five breaths and then release back into plank. On your next exhale repeat on the other side. Repeat this exercise two more times.

Opposite Knee to Arm Plank:

knee to opposite elbow

Come into plank pose and on an exhale bring your right knee to your left elbow. Hold this pose for five breaths then release back into plank. On your next exhale repeat on the other side. Repeat this exercise two more times.

Warrior Three:

warrior 3

To come into this pose from standing, you will move your body like a pendulum. Engage your core and raise your arms to the sky. Then bend your right knee and slowly kick your right leg back while your torso comes forward. Straighten your right leg as it extends out fully behind you, making sure your right hip isn’t lifted higher than the left and your right foot is flexed. Make sure your arms and torso are extended out and in line with your right leg. Hold for five breaths and then slowly come back to standing. Repeat on your other side. Repeat this exercise one more time on each side.

Forearm Plank:

forearm plank

Come into plank pose and slowly lower your arms so that you are resting on your forearms. You will want to make sure that your elbows are directly under your shoulders and that your core is tucked in tight. Hold this pose for five breaths then slowly lower to your tummy. Repeat two more times.

Boat Pose:

boat pose 1

Start by sitting down on the ground with your spine straight and tilted back at a 45 degree angle. Bring your knees into your chest while holding the backs of your thighs. Take a breath in and as you exhale, extend your legs and arms out. Be sure to keep your chest lifted and your shoulders relaxed. Remain in this pose for five breaths and release. Repeat two more times.

Camel Pose:


Start in a kneeling position. On an inhale place your hands on the back of your hips, engage your core while lifting it and slowly lean back while pushing your hips out with your hands. Let your head begin to lower back, making sure that your neck stays in line with your spine. As your torso continues to move backward you can then let your hands rest on your heels or ankles, which ever is more comfortable. The key to camel pose is to keep your core engaged the entire time and to make sure that your head doesn’t fall too far back. Hold for five breaths and then slowly begin to raise your torso back into an upright position. Repeat two more times.

Wheel Pose:

wheel pose

Wheel is one of those sneaky poses. When done correctly it works so many parts of the body! You will notice it working your abs, bum, thighs, hamstrings and shoulders all while giving you an amazing stretch! If you aren’t comfortable with wheel you can feel free to skip this pose. To come into wheel lie on your back with your knees bent, toes pointed forward, your heels close to your sit bones and feet hip distance apart. Bring your hands back by your shoulders so that your elbows are pointed toward the ceiling, your palms are flat on the ground and your fingertips are pointed toward your feet. Engage your core, and on an inhale push your body upward using mostly the strength in your legs. Make sure to keep you knees and toes pointing straight ahead, and hip distance apart. Relax your shoulders and let your head hang. Hold for five breaths and then lower down to the ground. Repeat this pose two more times and then relax.

Now for a good stretch!


Ashley + Hallman

tips for creating balance with Allison Oswald

Today we are excited to have Allison Oswald, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Pilates instructor and mother of two young boys, giving us tips on creating balance in your everyday life. We met Allison at our kids’ preschool. She has two young boys and she always looks relaxed and calm so she must be doing something right! Thank you Allison for your sharing your thoughts and tips with us!

Title picture_

Finding balance is a daily challenge, to say the least. And though I’m not even quite sure it’s completely attainable, I work hard to create as much balance in my life and in my body as I can. My strategies seem to change often, depending on the time of year, my schedule and frankly my mood. But I do have a few favorites that I always keep in the rotation.


Practice Meditation

I try to wake up each morning at least 20 minutes before my boys so I can have a few minutes to sit and meditate. I don’t do anything fancy, other than sit on the floor, close my eyes and breath. I try to focus on breathing into my body and allowing my body to feel strong and grounded for the day ahead. I know there are so many health benefits that come from meditating, but I’m most motivated to practice because I can feel the difference throughout my day. I tend to be more energetic, have an easier time making healthy food choices and feel ahead of my day, versus feeling like I am playing catch up all day.

Foam Rolling-Upper back

Use the Foam Roller

I use the foam roller with every single one of my clients in some way or another, and it is by far my favorite tool that keeps my body aligned and feeling its best. I use it to keep my muscles from tightening up and feeling achy, and my joints from feeling stiff. Everyday I roll out my upper back and hips. Foam rolling gives me the benefits of manual massage work without the practitioner. I explain it as a way for my clients to bring my hands home with them. It improves circulation, decreases tension and lengthens muscles to name a few benefits.

Practice Body Awareness

This is also a tool that I teach to all of my clients. We are often unaware of how we stand and where our bodies “should be” held in space. Since I have the knowledge of knowing where my proper posture is, I pick a bracelet (currently using my Nike Fuel Band) or even a hair tie to wear on my wrist as a reminder. Then each time I look at that item, I adjust if necessary or simply check to make sure I’m in the correct position. I find it impossible to ALWAYS be in the right posture, so this way I am more inclined to remember more often. Having good body awareness puts your muscles and joints in the most efficient position to prevent injury, aches and pains…that’s enough for me!

Essential Oil

Essential Oils

In the last year I have started to use essential oils for myself and my family, and I am loving them. I am definitely no expert and always experimenting with different combinations, but so far they have worked wonders for me. Currently I am using a Doterra blend called “Balance” (how ironic) and put it in a roller that I can use throughout the day on my wrists and back of my neck to keep me grounded. This blend is calming and focusing, something I need everyday!

Plan my Calendar

Every Sunday I take an hour (usually at nap time or right after bedtime) and plan out my week. I write everything in my calendar, and that tends to keep me accountable and makes my week seem much more manageable. Of course sometimes items carry over into the next week, but regardless it keeps me organized. In particular, workouts and self-care tend to fall off first so writing them down makes them much more likely to actually happen…I even write in my daily meditation. And currently I am using and loving the app Wunderlist, it keeps track of my “to do’s” so they can all be in one place.



Allison Oswald is a Doctor of Physical Therapy board certified in women’s health. She is also a certified Pilates instructor and incorporates a Pilates based approach with her clients if appropriate. As a women’s health specialist, she addresses issues associated with pregnancy, the postpartum period, pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence, prolapse, sexual dysfunction and more. She sees clients in her Santa Monica, CA studio, will do house calls and is available for group workshops and speaking engagements. Outside of work, Allison stays busy with her two boys Vincent (3 ½ years) and William (2 years) and husband Pete.

10 Favorite Posts of 2015 (so far)


Since we launched jane can… last October we have written over 200 posts, which is so hard to believe! We have been having a blast building our content and sharing our love for all the things “jane can do”. We are also very thankful to all of you that have followed along and supported us!

We are going to take a few weeks off this Summer to recharge and spend time with our families. Our next post will come out on July 14th so we thought we would leave you with our favorite articles from 2015. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram @janecan_ to see what we are up to during our blog vacation!

white-shirts un-birthday-party pure-fit-pure-food favorite-bright-lipsticks olive-oil-cake

4th-of-july-party stacking-bracelets blue-room circle-artwork diy-bookcovers

1. More than Just a Shirt: how we like to style our favorite closet staple: the classic white button down.

2. An Unbirthday Party is a great Summer activity that will make any day extra special.

3. Pure Fit Pure Food: Work out with Brecke…the best way to elevate your workout routine.

4. Lipsticks…Summer Brights: our favorite sheer and not so sheer bright lipsticks

5. Olive Oil Cake is definitely as good as all the hype and so easy to make!

6. Fourth of July party: It’s not too late to get some last minute 4th of July inspiration.

7. Arm Candy: our favorite stacking bracelets, complete with styling tips.

8. A Beautiful Blue Family Room: interior design inspiration with our favorite color!

9. Painted Circles Project: A great way to turn your kids art work into wall art!

10. DIY Book covers: how to make your own stylish book covers to add a pop of color to your home.

Happy 4th of July!


Hallman + Ashley