how to make your curls last longer

Do you ever wish that you could curl your hair the way that stylists do at the salon? It seems almost impossible trying to hold a curl that lasts more than half an hour when you’re doing your hair at home, while other ladies are rocking beachy waves all day. Thankfully, there are a few secrets to perfecting those curls, secrets that work on even the finest of tresses.


Gal Meets Glam

Here’s what you need to do for long lasting curls:

1) Find out which curling iron works best for you

As Lauren Conrad shares with her readers, “Having the right tools makes all the difference.” How well someone’s hair can hold a curl depends on her hair type. For those that have really fine hair, it’s best to use a ¾ inch barrel to tighten the curls without making them look like ringlets. Anyone with thicker hair than that can use a 1-inch barrel or even a flat iron for beautiful beachy waves. Another thing to look out for in your curling irons is their quality. Just like with blowdryers, salon-grade irons are much more efficient than drugstore brands, making curls last much longer and are often safer for your hair.


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2) Work in sections

Sectioning can seem time consuming, but in reality, it streamlines the curling process. By working in sections, you’ll be able to curl every strand, rather than having to randomly search through your mane to find all the uncurled pieces. This technique also creates a consistency in the overall style. Invest in alligator clips to help divide your hair into 3 or 4 sections, leaving the top half of your hair last.

3) Apply hairspray before curling

It’s a given that you should be applying heat protectant before applying heat to your hair, but did you know that spritzing hairspray before using the curling iron is more effective than after? In a demonstration shown on The Scene, beauty expert Theodore Leaf sections off his model’s hair and uses hairspray before applying heat. The product dissipates as he curls her hair, which ends up holding the curl for much longer than if it’s sprayed after styling. Natural oils (from not washing your hair for a few days) will also work in prolonging the life of your curls, but if you’ve just washed your hair, hairspray or dry shampoo will be needed.

4) Pin your curls in place

One mistake that women make when curling their hair is letting the curl fall before it has completely cooled. If you’re not in a rush, what you should do to ensure your curls stay intact is to pin them to your scalp. As professionals from Luxy Hair explain, the heat changes the shape of your strands, so if you let go of a section while it’s still warm, the curl will lose its form. Pinning each section will allow your curls to cool down in the desired shape. To help speed up the process, you can use the cool setting on your hairdryer.


Be Modish

5) Finish your hair with some product

For the final touch and the ultimate hold, finish with hairspray or mousse, whichever one you prefer. Pomades, gels and waxes may work better, depending on your hair type. For these, spread it onto your hands and then carefully scrunch the product into your hair.

The key is patience, taking that extra time in your styling regimen in order to get the most out of your curls.

Happy styling!


Ashley + Hallman

Our favorite posts of 2016


What a year! This year has flown by in the blink of an eye. Before we get with new posts for 2017, we thought we would look back at some of our favorite posts of 2016.


Jane Can Make

We love to DIY. This year one of our favorite posts was our DIY embroidered denim. We had so much fun adding monograms to our favorite jeans. We also loved making our moss wreath and are starting to think we need to bring some more green in our homes now that the holiday decorations are down.

heart wreath

Jane Can Celebrate

Everyone knows how much we love a holiday. We love to decorate, make special treats and get crafty for every holiday. While you won’t be thinking about Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas for awhile, the Superbowl and Valentine’s Day are just around the corner.

Black and White Bold Wallpaper

Jane Can Decorate

We have both been very focused on updating our homes this past year, so we are always looking for home ideas, from front doors to outdoor spaces to interiors. There is no such thing as too much home inspiration!


Jane Can Cook

We tend to make a lot of special snacks for school and sweet treats for our kids. Our kids love to help whenever they can so the simpler the recipe the better. Our marshmallow pops have been one of our most popular post this year, because they truly are the easiest snack ever!


Jane Can Play

Our No Carve DIY Pumpkins was one of our favorite posts this year. You probably won’t be making pumpkins for awhile, but you would have fun doing some of these washi tape projects.


Viva Luxury

Jane Can Dress Up

If you are like us, we are always looking for style inspiration. We are still using our  All Dressed Up post outfit ideas until the weather starts to get warmer.

We are looking forward to new projects and new ideas in 2017. Thank you to everyone who has continued to follow along on our journey.

Here’s to a great year!


Hallman + Ashley




all dressed up

Even though Holiday decorations have been out for weeks we always feel like Black Friday is the first official day we can start to shop for festive Holiday attire. We all have a few parties in the books, whether it’s a casual gift exchange with friends, a family Hannukah dinner or a fancy New Years Eve party! What better way to kick off the shopping extravaganza with some Holiday outfit inspiration.




Velvet is very versatile and pairs well with everything from denim to a cocktail dress, so we can see why everyone is sporting this luxurious fabric. We are seeing it in statement tops, classic blazers, skirts, dresses and even pants.  Velvet pants however, can often be difficult to pull off so we like to stick with tops, jackets and shoes which look great on everyone!


Mia Mia Mine


Sandra Semburg


My Style Pill


Viva Luxury

Pleated Skirts

Pleated skirts are everywhere this season, especially in midi length flowy silhouettes. Whether it’s in jewel tones or classic black, we love how they look paired with a statement pump or a high heeled bootie. If you aren’t ready to commit to the full length skirt, this shorter pleated skirt from Banana Republic is a great way to test the waters.


They All Hate Us

Longer pleated skirts can create a lot of volume so we like to keep the top simple and fitted. A classic slim-fitting crew neck sweater, a slinky tank, a tailored long sleeve blouse or a slim leather jacket work perfectly.


Closet Full of Clothes

Statement Tops

Statement tops are a great way to elevate a favorite pair of jeans or ground elegant stovepipe slacks. Depending on what you’re looking for, there is something for everyone! Bell sleeve and full sleeve silhouettes like this One by Stylekeepers can easily go from the office to cocktails. More tailored silhouettes like this off-the-shoulder Petersen blouse always look great on everyone.




Shop Style


Adding a little sparkle is such a fun way to update classic pieces we wear every day. Sequins is a Holiday staple that looks great in small doses and works best when it’s worn on one statement piece such as a jacket, clutch, shoes or tank top. We also love to pair a sequin pencil skirt with our favorite denim!







Happy Shopping!


Ashley + Hallman

diy embroidered denim


One trend we have been loving this fall is embroidered denim. We’re seeing it everywhere, whether it’s an ornate floral design or a simple monogram. Embroidering denim is a simple and colorful way to update an old pair of jeans, a denim shirt or even a favorite jacket! Using a simple chain stitch you can easily personalize a basic wardrobe staple with a few strands of embroidery floss and a needle. Because we love a good monogram, we decided to personalize our own favorite jeans with a set of bright red initials. The best part is, when you’re tired of the stitching you can simply take it out!




Using the fabric marking pencil, start by writing your initials on the denim of your choice. If you’re monogramming a pair of jeans, the upper corner on a back pocket or just above a front pocket are great places. If you’re embroidering a jacket or shirt, placing a monogram just above the front pocket or on the cuff look great as well. Thread the embroidery needle with the embroidery floss and tie a knot at the end of the floss.


Making a chain stitch looks a lot more complicated than it really is. Run the needle through the fabric, from back to front, at the bottom of the first letter. Make your first stitch by placing the needle back down into the denim along the line of the letter. Start making your next stitch by bringing the needle back up through the denim from front to back, just a little bit above the first stitch, making sure that you are following the lines of the letter.


To make the first chain stitch, run the needle through the first stitch from right to left. Then place the needle back down the hole through which you just drew the thread through. Now you’ve made your first chain stitch!


Continue making chain stitches, following the lines of the letters you’ve made with the pencil.


When you finish the first letter, make a knot in the thread at the back of the denim and cut the thread. Then begin again on the next letter.


Our DIY monograms were really simple and took only about 20 minutes to make, but a few major retailers like Madewell and J.Crew offer customized denim monogramming and embroidery services as well. If you’re looking for more embroidery inspiration, we’ve put together a few of our favorites:


Jean Stories




Honestly WTF

EXCLUSIVE: Olivia Palermo in all denim with monogram shirt walking her dog in Brooklyn, NYC.



A Pair and a Spare

Happy making!


Ashley + Hallman

pouch patrol

How often do we reach into the bottomless pit of our tote bags, scrambling to find a lip balm, or schlep that same tote bag into a store when we really only needed our wallet and keys? We have recently become completely obsessed with using pouches in every size and color because they are the ultimate multi-tasking accessory.


We use bags like this Legend of Lido pouch for everything, from organizing our kids’ snacks and toys to a night on the town. We especially love how Happily Eva After paired her colorful clutch with jeans and leopard sandals to give her outfit some pop! Because we can’t get enough of these pouches, we’ve put together a collection of our favorites that can seamlessly go from a tote bag accessory to an evening clutch:

favorite pouches 5

1. Mark and Graham Foldover Clutch ($29.99), 2. Legend of Lido Rays of Aloe Pouch ($89), 3. Bungalow LA Kampala Travel Bag ($42), 4. Monserrat De Lucca Leather Pouch ($150), 5. Baggu Leather Clutch ($29), 6. Mark and Graham Leather Pouch ($49.99), 7. Sole Society Faux Leather Clutch ($44.95), 8. Legend of Lido Jaipur Pouch ($72), 9. Herschel Clutch ($44.99), 10. Madewell Small Zip Pouch ($18.50)

Happy Shopping!


Ashley + Hallman

johnnie-o + jane can…father’s day giveaway

johnnie-O tandem

Father’s Day is just around the corner and our kids couldn’t be more excited to celebrate this special day with their dads. Our kids put so much time and love into the special gifts or cards they make each year and they can’t wait to present them on Father’s Day. We take a slightly different approach and head straight to johnnie-O for a few Summer essentials for our husbands. We love johnnie-O because it’s West coast prep style goes seamlessly from the beach to a dinner with friends…and our husbands love it because it’s comfortable and stylish.


Trucker HatMen’s Graphic TeeJohnnie-O Jr. TeeMen’s SurfSucker Surf ShortJr. Surf sucker Surf ShortFeatherweight FlipFlops

johnnie-O always has a well-curated selection of polos, button downs and beach-worthy T-shirts, which makes stylish dressing a completely effortless task for our husbands. Right now we are especially loving the buttery soft, slightly worn look of the Sunburnt Polo paired with a preppy Surfsucker short, and the Quinn jacket for chilly evenings at the beach.

johnnie o fd outfit

Mack Button Down, Stackhouse 1/4 Zip Pullover, Baja Shorts, Trucker Hat, Featherweight Flip Flops

We are excited to announce that our favorite men’s brand is partnering with us for a special Father’s Day promo! Do you want to win the ultimate Father’s Day gift: 3 polos a month for 3 months? All you need to do is click on the photo below to enter a chance to win the giveaway by midnight, June 12th. We’ll announce the winner on social media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) on Monday June 13th, so be on the look out to see if you’re the lucky one!


Happy Father’s Day!


Ashley + Hallman

the new one-piece


Last Summer we started seeing a resurgence of the one piece. While it took us a little while to get behind the trend, this Summer we are completely on board! The new one piece is no longer the “mom” bathing suit we remember, it’s equal parts classy, sophisticated and ever so slightly sexy. We are seeing everything from traditional Maillots, to daring prints, interesting cut-outs and plunging necklines. We love the style, quality and fabric of this Marysia one piece. Truth be told…it is a bit pricey, but one thing we’ve learned is that a well made suit is worth the investment. Whatever your preference or price range, we have you covered with our favorite one piece bathing suits for this Summer!

favorite bathing suits3

1. Marysia Antibes Maillot, 2. Mara Hoffman Fractals Cut Out One Piece, 3. Zara V-Neck Swimsuit, 4. Old Navy Scallop-Trim Swimsuit, 5. Solid & Striped Anne-Marie, 6. J.Crew Cutout One Piece, 7. Kate Spade Bandeau Maillot, 8. Topshop Maui One Piece

Happy shopping!


Ashley + Hallman