about jane can…

H and A 15 long

We are two moms who met at a beach play date and bonded immediately over kids and a shared love for creative DIY. Often described by our friends as “Janes-of-all-trades”, we like to do a little bit of everything. For example, Hallman thinks Ashley has an amazing fashion sense, a knack for anything crafty and can throw a killer party. Ashley thinks Hallman is a genius with kids, knows how to make holidays and birthdays extra special and creates a mean hand-tied flower bouquet. It is in that spirit that we created jane can…

So who is “Jane”?

Jane is each of us. She is our mother. She is our daughter. She is our sister. She is our friend. Most of all,

  • Jane loves a project;
  • Jane enjoys a girl’s night out;
  • Jane likes to make a new recipe, but she also likes to make reservations;
  • Jane loves crafting and playing with her kids;
  • Jane likes to be stylish, but sometimes life gets in the way;
  • Jane enjoys a good workout…and it is even better with friends;
  • Jane likes to entertain;
  • Jane’s life is an exercise in organized chaos;
  • Jane explores new places and tries new things; and
  • Jane savours a big glass of wine at the end of the night…or bit of chocolate will do.

Our purpose is to make jane can… a place to curate our many interests and ideas; but our goal is to create a community where we can collectively celebrate our “inner-Jane.” Because, with a little inspiration, jane can…do anything!

Ashley & Hallman