pumpkins + succulents


We have a love affair with succulents, so we could not let October pass us by without doing a pumpkin & succulent centerpiece. We love this arrangement because it is easy to make and will last much longer than the average flower arrangement. This arrangement would be perfect for any Fall gathering or dinner party and would be a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece. It would also be a great gift!



  • Pumpkins
  • Moss
  • Succulents of varying sizes, types and colors
  • Spray adhesive
  • Hot glue gun

To create a succulent arrangement use a piece of moss that will cover the top of the pumpkin like a hat. To secure the moss to the pumpkin add spray adhesive to the back side of the moss and then place the moss on top of the pumpkin. If you don’t want to bother with spray adhesive, you can use a little glue to secure the moss. Either way, press the moss down on the pumpkin so the glue or adhesive has time to stick.

You can buy succulents at any nursery or the garden center, but if you already have succulent plantings you can trim the plants to use the pieces for these arrangements. For a large pumpkin, you will need three 2″ succulents and five to seven 1″ succulents or succulents trimmings. For small pumpkins you need around 3-5 succulents or trimmings.

Warm up your glue gun and begin adding the succulents, glueing the bottoms/ends of the succulents to the moss. Work your way  around the top of the pumpkin, adding succulents and filling in gaps with succulent trimmings. Make sure you use a variety of shapes, colors and sizes of succulents. This arrangements looks great with any color pumpkin, so have fun with it!


This arrangement should last for a few weeks or months depending on the life of the pumpkin. To keep it looking fresh, mist the succulents and moss with a small amount of water, using a spray bottle, every few days. Once the pumpkin begins to deteriorate you can cut off the part of the pumpkin with the succulents and plant it in a pot or in your garden.


Happy Making!


Hallman + Ashley

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