fall kids craft: leaf stamps

fall leaves

The leaves are falling everywhere and our kids love collecting them in all shapes, sizes and color. We thought it would be fun for them to make a little something with all these leaves, so we came up with this simple Fall kids’ craft. Everything about this craft is fun: gathering the leaves, painting them and discovering the pattern of each leaf on the paper!

With a little paint, paper and lots of leaves you and the kiddos can make some wall worthy artwork this Fall.


  • Leaves in varying sizes and shapes
  • Craft paints in Fall colors: yellows, oranges, reds and greens
  • White paper
  • Paint brush or sponge cut into a small square

fall craft 2

fall craft 4

Start by gathering several leaves in all shapes and sizes. Once you have all your leaves let the kids paint the under side of a leaf with a paint color of their choice. This craft can be a bit messy so we suggest placing a painters tarp or paper towels over your work surface.

fall craft 1

fall craft 9

Then have your child turn the leaf over and place it on a white piece of paper. Have them press down on the leaf, firmly and then gently lift it off the paper. Repeat these steps until your child is happy with their design.

fall craft 6

Our kids even surprised us with a creation of their own! They chose to paint each leaf with all the colors. What we thought would be a smeary mess actually had the most beautiful outcome!

fall crafft 10

We love how this activity got us outdoors with our kids hunting for leaves and ended with a few pieces of beautiful kids’ originals!

Happy crafting!


Ashley + Hallman

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