how to make an asymmetrical flower arrangement

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Asymmetrical, etherial flower arrangements are very on trend right now. You can’t open up a wedding, flower or home decor magazine without seeing them everywhere. We can definitely see why, they truly are works of art! But even though this arrangement looks fancy and complicated, it really is something everyone can make.

We had never made an asymmetrical arrangement before and we had fun trying out this new style. What we loved most about this project was that we didn’t have to worry about making a mistake because the feel of this type of arrangement is very free-flowing. There really isn’t a wrong place to put each bloom or branch!

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  • Oasis
  • Floral tape
  • A vessel to hold the arrangement (we used a slightly shallow, footed bowl)
  • A mix of flowers that have stiff stems and softer stems with half of them that will be used as “filler” and the other half that are  divided between primary and secondary flowers. We used an assortment of the following flowers:
    • Eucalyptus (filler)
    • Amaranthus (filler)
    • Wax flower (filler)
    • Dahlia (primary flower)
    • Lisianthus (secondary flower)
    • Pink snow berries (secondary flower)

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Start by soaking your oasis until it is fully saturated. Then cut it down to fit your vessel. Using floral tape, tape the oasis into the vessel with a large “X”.

fall flowers 8

One of the keys to this arrangement is to create anchor points from where you will design the shape of the arrangement. We chose an asymmetrical arrangement with a section of flowers that swept up and a section of flowers that hung down over the vase, but the options are endless with this sort of arrangement! We created our anchor points with a mixture of stiff stemmed flowers and softer stemmed flowers. We also made our anchor points with the longest stemmed flowers so that we could work inward from the two points.

fall flowers 7

Once the anchor points were all set it was time to place the filler in the oasis, making sure to follow along the shape of the overall arrangement. This part was a little scary for us because we are so used to working with flowers in a more structured way, but once we positioned our first few flowers and allowed ourselves to relax we had a lot of fun being creative! Working with oasis also makes this arrangement easy because we could add, remove or change the position of the flowers very easily.

fall flowers 6

After we were satisfied with the filler, we began to place the primary flower. We chose Dahila’s because they are currently in season, are available in several colors and have large, gorgeous blooms! The primary flower is the focal point of the arrangement so we kept ours close to the center. Once the primary flowers were in place, we finished by filling in with the secondary flowers. They are also meant to catch the eye, but are generally spread throughout the arrangement.

fall flowers

Voila…our very first asymmetrical arrangement! If you love playing with flowers, this is definitely a style or arrangement you need to try.


Ashley + Hallman

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