diy popsicle garland


We haven’t done any holiday decorating in our homes since Easter and that just seems far too long to go without something fun and festive around the house. Although we’ll be putting up some 4th of July bunting soon, we really wanted to add a little Summer happiness to our homes! These popsicle garlands are a great way to add a pop of color to your home and they are the perfect decoration for any Summer party or backyard BBQ. We’ve made it even easier for you with our printable popsicle garland template so all you have to do is print, cut and glue!



Start by printing out the popsicle garland template onto several sheets of brightly colored cardstock, then cut out the shapes.


To create our watermelon popsicle, we printed the popsicle template onto magenta paper. To create the rind we printed the the two narrow rectangles in the template onto white and green card stock. Then we cut out the shapes and glued them to the bottom of one of the sides of the magenta popsicle shape using a tape runner. We drew the watermelon seeds on the popsicle with a black Sharpie.


To make the orange sherbet popsicle (which you could do with any colors), we printed the popsicle template on yellow and orange card stock. We cut them both out, but created the “dripping” effect by cutting a freehand wavy line at the bottom of the orange popsicle shape. Then we attached the orange paper to the yellow paper using a tape runner.


We especially love this project because there is no wrong way to make your popsicles. It was fun to create our own color combinations and popsicle creations using the cut out templates!


Once you have created all your popsicles, it’s time to start adding the popsicle sticks. Open each popsicle so that the blank side is facing up. Place a few glue dots on one end of a popsicle stick and place the stick in the middle of one of the sides of the open popsicle.


Cut a piece of string so that it measures the length you would like your garland. Line up your popsicles so that they are in the order you would like them to appear on your garland and space them about 3-4 inches apart from each other. Place a glue dot in the middle of the popsicle on the crease, and a few more glue dots on the upper half of the popsicle stick, facing up. Starting with the first popsicle, begin to lay the string down on top of the glue dot that is on the crease of the popsicle. Continue placing the string down on the crease of each popsicle, making sure that your spacing remains 3-4 inches between each one. Once you have used all your string, fold the popsicles down over the string and press firmly on the crease and popsicle stick. Now hang your garland and enjoy!



We are so happy with the way these garlands came out that we may have to throw a popsicle party just to show them off!


Ashley + Hallman

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